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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

interpreting writter point of view...


ü  Trying to understand a text trough the writer’s perception, which is influence by his or her personal beliefs on an issue.
ü  The writer’s beliefs might be neutral (taking no side)
ü  The writer’s beliefs might be biased ( in favour of one side only)

TONE – refers to the writer’s use of words and writing styles to demonstrate his or her stand towards the issue in the text. You can determine the tone used in a text by:
·         Looking at word choice: words have positive, negative or even neutral association.
·         Analyzing the phrasing used to describe an event: is the author sarcastic? Does the writer lay out facts with no opinion?
·         Considering how you feel when you read the text: what emotions have been evoked in you? Do you feel angry, sad or happy?

Writers normally write for one of these 4 REASONS:
1)  To inform
2)  To instruct
3) To persuade
4) To entertain

argumentative essay...

Before Writing...

J  Brainstorm ideas on the subject.
J  Identify the main topics.
J  Use these topics as headings for organising your notes.
J  Decide which side you are on i.e. which arguments are most convincing. Make sure you choose the side that you can fully support.
J  Plan and write an outline for your essay noting down the information you will include in each paragraph.

Introductory Paragraph

Your introduction should:
ü  Introduce the topic with a general statement
ü  State why it is important
ü  State there is a difference of opinion about this topic
ü  Thesis statement must state what YOUR claim is and can include the  “parts” of the argument you are going to state.

Body Paragraphs

>        Arguments for:  The reasons “parts” of your thesis statement will be in your body paragraphs. 
>        Give clear arguments for your claim with support (examples, statistics, explanations, etc.)
>        Use transition words as you move from paragraph to paragraph (Firstly, secondly, furthermore, in addition, moreover, finally).
>        You can also use any of the transitions from the other essay types as long as they are appropriate for your argument. (You may want to compare/contrast things, give reasons/results, descriptions, definitions etc.)

Refutation Paragraph

v  This is also used to support your claim.
v  Use the counter arguments to show that your idea is the stronger one.
v  Do not focus only on the opposing ideas.

Useful words and phrases
could be claimed
It                      may be  asserted  that...   However,
might be  argued

Concluding paragraph

Your conclusion should:
  • Restate the main claim
  • Present one or two general sentences which accurately summarise your arguments which support the main premise
  • Provide a general warning of the consequences of not following the premise that you put forward and/or a general statement of how the community will benefit from following that premise


Today we do the presentation about essay we had done used CURRENT EVENT as an introductory paragraph...


According to New Straits Times, the latest case was a dead baby girl found floating in a sewage tank behind a girls' college hostel in remote Kelantan two days ago. The decomposed body was found by a group of boys playing nearby. Two more abandoned baby cases were reported that day in Malacca and Kuala Lumpur. This situation can be caused by many factors which surround us. Thus, baby dumping is caused by peer pressure, modern technology and lack of knowledge in individual self.
         Peer pressure is one of the factors that contribute to baby dumping. Drinking, smoking, have sex when a person is not ready and whatever it may be, sometimes others put the pressure on you to participate in something that you might not want to do it. This kind of pressure can cover everything from fashion through sex and dating. It needs to be made aware that peers can prove to have influence on each other. When your friends ask you something that you never do before this, you will make it as a challenge such as having a couple as well as having a sex. As a result, the victim will be pressured to do the baby dumping. Thus, one should not succumb to a peer pressure when it comes to doing the bad thing from the starting.
        Another cause of baby dumping in this country is due to modern technology. Nowadays, people have unlimited communication with each other due to the presence of numerous social networking. Examples of social networking are Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo Messenger and many more. All of these social networks can bring negative impact to those people who misuse it. The negative impact of social networking is evident in online dating when the couple meets face-to-face for the first time. Commonly their personalities do not match their self-written descriptions. They use the wrong detail of personalities to trap people. After that, he would ask for a blind date after they managed to deceive the victim. It might be the person she would see is a bad person. Therefore, we should not easily believe the person we just know especially through internet.

         Besides, lack of knowledge in individual self also is one of the causes of baby dumping. The knowledge about sexual education has been implemented since in secondary school but some of them are not interested about it. They might be thought that they can manage their life in future. In addition, they are not thinking about negative impact that will occur in the future. For instance, when many young teenagers are doing the baby dumping, they are susceptible to side effects such as illness. Sometimes, most of them do not practise what they have learnt during the religious classes. Instead, they want to satisfy their desire. When a woman is pregnant out of wedlock, then they will take the easiest way that is baby dumping to settle the problem without thinking of religious law. Thus, every person should have general knowledge such as sexual education in order to reduce the growing incidence of abandoned babies.

       In a nutshell, peer pressure, modern technology and lack of knowledge in individual self are the causes of baby dumping. Isn’t it clear now that baby dumping is in a critical stage? Isn’t it time for the leaders of the world to stop being merely a ‘talking shop’ and actually take effective action to deal with baby dumping? Shouldn’t we, as normal citizens, stand up and be counted as well in dealing with this problem? Or are we just going to wait until baby dumping becomes the norm in our life before we actually do something?